Quarantined Family Getaway

Covid19 Quarantine has been interesting in our home. We have 7 of us at the house all day long. My parents Jack and Sandy, their dog Liam, my husband Darryl, Me (Tamra) and our 3 teenage daughters Morgan, Sydney and Brooke. We have been blessed to be together, to be healthy, and manage to not want to kill each other at the end of each day haha. Plenty of places to go to be by yourself if you want. And if you want company there is always someone there to pal around with. I really cannot complain to much about this situation. We always had plenty of food (and drink), and we never had a shortage of toilet paper haha!

That being said, a change of scenery was much needed. We decided to take a trip up to our house, Golf Hill BNB, for the weekend for a change of pace. It was so wonderful having my parents and Liam with us.

We always had dogs when we lived there fulltime. Seeing Liam run around the yard and get excited to see the chipmunks and bunnies that were everywhere warmed my heart. He is so curious and just wanted to play with them. He looked so upset each time they would run away haha. I love that dog.

It was so nice seeing our house through the eyes of someone else. We love our house. But to see and hear how others view it was a rare gift. We don’t ever get to see and experience how our guests feel about the house. We have done so much work on this house in the past year. My moms reaction to the changes we made and the decorating, was so gratifying. It was like hearing how one of our guests sees it when they first walk through the house. It was so nice to see how relaxed my parents were, reading their books on the deck with their coffee in the morning (or a glass of wine in the afternoon), enjoying sitting by the fire pit. Makes all that work we did worth it.

We took a walk through town, wearing our masks. Had the idea we would get an ice cream cone at Gravity and walk around. We ended up stopping at Black and Brass on Main Street instead, sitting outside on their couches and getting some lattes, iced coffee, iced Chai teas. So good! Then picking up lunch from Romans Polish deli and bringing it back home to eat outside on the deck. Lets face it, the view was better from our deck! It was a very hot day in the beginning of July. And we had the mountain breezes to cool us off.

Enjoyed making s’mores by the fire pit with the girls each night while listening to the peepers from our neighbors pond. The deer are getting used to us being around and wandered pretty close to where we were sitting on our last night. So special to witness them walking through the yard, they seem to be on a schedule haha. Every evening, from our deck, we could see them circle around through our neighbors yard, then around to ours. The bunnies were everywhere also! Almost like being in a Disney movie haha. It was the perfect weekend. Then back to reality of our Covid quarantine back at home.

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