Social Distancing? Life amidst the threat of Corvid-19

Life in quarantine with a family of 7 (plus puppy). I am thankful to have my family home during this uncertain time. Our full house consists of Me-Tamra, my husband Darryl, our teenage daughters-Morgan 16, Sydney 14, Brooke 12 and my parents Jack and Sandy. And not to forget our dog Liam. Liam has the most important job of all-therapy dog haha! Thankfully he loves the cuddles and playing. He keeps us all sane. With so many of us in the house, I am amazed there have been so few arguments and getting on each others nerves.

As a country, we are all experiencing for the most part the same things. Social distancing, home schooling, telecommuting, trying to keep ourselves entertained and keep from going stir-crazy.

We have completed every puzzle in the house (multiple times), played countless games of Jenga, Aggravation, Gin Rummy, etc. Thank God for the Firestick! Caught up on all the shows we said we would watch when we had time. Yet we are still looking for something more.

We have tried to keep as much normalcy as possible. With the gym closed, the girls and I have been working out together each morning, and taking walks outside after lunch as a family just to get some fresh air and sunshine weather permitting. The girls have continued Kungfu with Authentic Shaolin Kungfu virtually through ZOOM. Remote learning started this past week. Not to bad considering we have 3 kids in the house. We had issues once in a while with so many of us being online at the same time. Especially challenging with Darryl and myself working from home.

Also trying to keep everything sanitized and still keeping socially distanced, when going to get groceries. I feel like we’re going on a supply run on an episode of The Walking Dead every time we run to the groceries haha! Wearing gloves, masks, disinfecting the carts, using hand sanitizer and trying to keep 6 feet away from everyone. A lot to keep track of lol. In addition, we have an air filter with Ozone, thank you Amazon! Just to get to the store and find they are out of toilet paper haha! All joking aside, the local stores have been amazing keeping everything clean, and restocked. We appreciate it. Very thankful the liquor stores are considered essential haha!

We praise all the essential workers out there doing what you do. We pray you all stay safe and healthy. And we hope to be back to normal soon. Prayers for the health and sanity of us all!!

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