Halloween fun in PA

One of the best places we have gone to around Halloween up in PA, (Thanks to the recomendation of Vinny at Vinneys Brooklyn Bagels in Honesdale) was Reapers Revenge.

We came there with a group of girls for my daughters 16 birthday. We waited on line for over an hour. But we were entertained by a magician, and as we got closer, a red neck karaoke guy, that was so funny! When we got up to the front, we went on a haunted hayride. This was so much more detailed than I had imagined.

There were 4 sections. On the way to each there are zombies that walk along side the wagon. Sometimes they grab you, or jump on the wagon to scare you. At one point they broke out in the Michael Jackson Thriller dance. It was awesome! The hayride brings you to a haunted carnival – The Lost Carnival, where there are crazy clowns EVERYWHERE! then the hayride brings you further on to the next attraction Delerium. things are coming off the walls and scaring you, its crazy! My daughers love this stuff! Its worth the trip.