The first of our Top 3 Favorite dinner spots in Honesdale, PA

January 2022: Happy New Year!

If you’re considering booking a stay at Golf Hill BNB its important to know whats around town. Even though this is a small town, it has some restaurants that would rival any place in a big city. In this blog post I am listing the first of our top 3 picks on Main street in Honesdale PA where we have our house. All 3 places are only a 5 minute drive from the house. We will be sending our guest who booked for February 2022 a $20 gift certificate to Native.

Native restaurant:

I know I’ve mentioned this place before. But it’s just so good it needs repeating. This place is amazing. The atmosphere is so cozy. The combinations they put together are surprising yet perfect. And their presentation is like a work of art. Native is only open for dinner. It’s a good idea to make a reservation.

On this trip we sat at the counter watching the chefs perform their magic. I recommend doing this at least once. The head chef is one of the owners, and his wife runs the front of the house. Such nice people. I love how they bring out each plate separately so you get to savor the flavors before the next comes out. Every time we go there we try something new. Of course we have our favorites. We love ordering a few things and sharing to get the most out of the experience.

We paired our meal with a delicious glass (or 2) of Merlot. They first brought out the toasts. Our favorite is the Shiitake mushroom Gorgonzola. It melts in your mouth. So full of flavor. This time we also ordered the Bison tartar toasts with caper-horseradish dressing for the first time. My husband loved this. It was delicious, however I kept thinking to myself “this is raw!” I got over that and quickly when I tasted the perfect combination flavors.

The green salad with pickled onions and shaved radishes was next. They serve it on a wood cutting board and already dressed with a green goddess dressing. It’s more than enough for 2 people.

For our entrees we had butternut squash raviolis, squid ink spaghetti with shrimp, and Venison osso bucco with creamy polenta. Each dish that came out was better than the next. The ravioli was slightly sweet with a balsamic reduction. They give you about 12 in the large plate and 6 in the small plate. We ordered the large so we would have leftovers.

The spaghetti was black and very mildly flavored with the safron cream sauce. We had planned on having leftovers but it was too delicious and Darryl said its not going to make it home haha.

My favorite was the venison short rib and polenta. It had this savory gravy, served with the bone with the marrow. They garnish it with a bamboo stick so you can eat the marrow.

Dessert was a must. One thing that is nonnegotiable is the goat cheese cheesecake. The goat cheeses gives this cake a unique flavor. I’m obsessed! There is a graham cracker crust and is drizzled with local honey – sinfully delicious.

We had to order an entre size brisket mac and cheese and another cheesecake to bring home to our daughters or they would never forgive us haha.

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