A Guidebook For Our Guests: part 1, Best Restaurants and Bars in or near Honesdale, PA

We love hearing from our guests and the places they visited while staying at Golf Gill BNB in Honesdale. I thought it would be nice to pass along their recommendations. Today I thought I’d start with places to eat for you foodies out there. My family and I enjoy a good foodie adventure!

In our Guidebook, we listed OUR favorite places. We love hearing if our guests enjoyed them as well. We have added, over time, additional restaurants that our guests have recommended. AND we have had new foodie adventures from their recommendations. That has been so much fun. Several new places have opened up since we were up there fulltime. So stay tuned for updates!

My families All-Time Favorite place in Honesdale is Here & Now! We love their pizza! And we are from NY! So WE KNOW GREAT PIZZA! Their pizzas are not the NY style pizza. Each one has the most interesting ingredients. I never would have thought to put mushrooms, goat cheese, garlic sausage, carmelized onions (The Kelsey In The Woods) or Basil pesto, carmelized onions, ricotta, (The Vacation Meeting), those are our 2 favorites! YUM! They have 9 different pizzas that will satisfy anyone. Our youngest, who is pickier than her older sisters (they are very adventurous with food), loves their pizza The Hide Yo Pesto, which has red sauce, pesto, mozzarella. All the pizzas have this delicious crispy thin crust OMG! soooooo good! They get their ingredients from local farms and everything is made in house. Their menu changes from week to week but they keep their signature dishes throughout. One of our favorite appetizers (when available) is the fried cheese curds with aoili sauce – OMG So good! All that is well and good, but they are also known for their Beer (they are a local brewery!), They brew all their beer in house. They run a rotating tap. You can order a sampler, thats so fun! You get to try a selection of their own beers and decide which you want to order a mug of. Recently they started to offer their beers in cans to take home. You can also get them in refillable growlers. We have an assortment throughout the house ourselves! Its always an experience trying out what their new flavors are. The atmosphere inside is very cool, comfortable and inviting. They will have musicians preform on occassion, and the walls have ever-changing murals. We love to pay for a “Round for the Kitchen” and they ring the bell or they shout once the kitchen staff gets their beers. I can’t say enough good things about Here & Now! Love Love Love this place! http://www.hereandnowbrewing.com/

Our next favorite is Ba & Me vietnamese food. Specifically PHO a delicious bowl of noodle soup with bone broth, meat, veggies. Ba & Me offers a vegan and chicken option.  Its very soothing, delicious, so good for you. Everyplace my family and I visit, we try to find a place to get some PHO. We have had PHO in Manhattan, Long Island, Honesdale, Middletown, Watertown and even up in Gananoque Ontario CA. But Ba & Me also has amazing vietnamese tacos, spring rolls. They have a few locations (Mountaindale NY, Calacoon NY). The Honesdale location is temporarily closed as they relocate across Main Street to a bigger place. Due to open soon I have heard.  It will be worth the wait! https://www.baandme.com/press https://www.baandme.com/about-1 https://www.happycow.net/reviews/ba-and-me-honesdale-129935

If you are looking for feel good home cooking try Laurel’s Hometown Cafe. The portions are enormous! Great for breakfast. Delicious omelettes, scrumptious buttermilk pancakes, savory hash and eggs, just to name a few. Their menu is vast and has something for everyone. Definately comfort food and prepare to bring home leftovers! As I mentioned earlier they have huge portions. We have even ordered a few items for the table and had family style.  Highly recommend. https://www.facebook.com/LaurelsHometownCafe/

Nextdoor to Laurels is Black and Brass on Main street.  They have 2 locations, 520 Main St, and, 101 Grandview Ave, Honesdale, PA.  The Main street location was the original in Honesdale.  The other is just outside of town overlooking a waterfall.  Both have the same amazing coffee and treats.  Just different atmosphere.  The Mainstreet location has courtyard seating as well as compfy outdoor couch.  The other has indoor (currently not in use due to covid) and outside seatking overlooking a beautiful waterfall.  The coffee is amazing.  Their tea options also amazing. They also offer baked goods, and a selection of breakfast items, chocolates etc.  Great place to visit if you are out and about.   https://blackandbrasscoffee.com/    https://www.facebook.com/BlackAndBrassCoffee/  

If you are craving a NY bagel, you have to visit our friend Vinny at Vinny’s Original Brooklyn Bagels. Coming from NY we are very picky about our bagels. They have to be crispy on the outside and the right amount of chewy on the inside. Vinny nailed it! He makes them the right way by boiling them then baking them. And dont get me started on his scallion cream cheese! OMG! Perfect ratio of cream cheese to scallions. And they feature Black and Brass coffee, a perfect pairing. We always visit when we are in town. https://www.facebook.com/bagelsareourthing/

This next place is about a 30 minute drive to Scranton, but worth the trip. Mansour’s Market Cafe & Eatery. Its the cutest brunch place. Its a family owned and run cafe. Everywhere we looked there were beautiful surprises, from the tin roof, the cozy window seats, and the antique cash registers. The staff was friendly and very knowledgable. The menu had somehting for everyone. From bagels loaded with nlox, cream cheese, capers, onions, and eggs of of every style. French toast, waffles, and the most delicious oatmeal with your chouce of toppings. Mansours is only open for breakfast, brunch, lunch. But I have heard they have a monthly dinner. Can’t wait to experience that! http://www.mansoursmarketcafe.com/

A new place our guest recently recommended was Native on Main street. I love the story of this place. The name comes from the fact that Alex is a native of Honesdale and Caleb has a love for foraging and supporting local agriculture. Native features as many local farmers and producers as possible. Therefore the menu is extremely fresh and entirely made from scratch. The menu comes from the way they like to eat — they love to share in good food and drink together. That is why most menu items are designed for sharing, encouraging guests to order a few things to share and hopefully try something they’ve never had before. Their menu is elevated and so interesting. Very city like in offerings, yet fresh ingredients as you would expect from living in the country. Defintely worth the visit! https://www.nativehonesdale.com/

The Alpine Wurst & Meat House is a local favorite.  As the name would suggest, The Alpine offers a variety of German fare.  Their selection of different meats, they are known for their homemade sausages; bratwurst, knockwurst and keilbasa just to name a few.  The have an Oktoberfest celebration each year that you have to buy tickets for.  Always looks likealot of fun!  (not sure with Covid if it will happen this year, I would call to check out their plans).  My favorite meal their is the Schnitzels, my husband loves the Goulash. https://thealpineonline.com/  https://thealpineonline.com/p/deli-and-meat-house 

So those are our top picks for now, I look forward to adding to our guidebook with each guests recommendation.

Bon appetit!