Welcome to the family… Duke? No its Griffin now haha…the name Duke did not fit this little guy.

Well 2 years ago, December 19, 2020, we surprised our daughters with a puppy for Christmas.  We found him on a website in Amish country here in PA. 

It all started with my mom saying she thinks we need another dog in the house. We already had a 70 pound Bordoodle (Border collie-Poodle mix).  He was and still is amazing.  so smart, and sweet.  A gentle giant, a polite begger.  We had hoped for another of the same.  Little did we know the adventure we were about to em”bark” on (pun intended). 

Our daughter Sydney is an amazing artist.  And she has an Etsy channel and sells portraits.  Mostly people request portraits of their pets.  Especially during the holidays. Ok shameless plug.  SydsArtCommissions on Etsy. She was 14 when I asked her to draw a dog portrait as a gift for a friend.  She had no idea that she was drawing her own puppy. 

Left is hte first image we saw of “Duke” om the website.  He looks so sweet and innocent lol.  Right is the portrait Sydney drew for me. 

The girls never expected we would get another dog. And their reactions tell it all.  Please view the link below for the reveal.  https://youtu.be/MMrdy_dMeVc

So we embarked on a trip 3 hours away to pick kup our new baby.  We arrived when it was dark.  They basically grabbed him out of the wood chips and said “here ya go!”.  The mamma was a red border collie and the pappa was a miniature poodle.  Not sure how that happened, but here he is lol.  He was so quiet on the way back to Golf Hill BNB.  slept an snuggled witht the girls in the back.  Smelling slightly of cows lol. Not at all a plesent odor for 3 hours lol.

Once we got back the the house, he was curious and explored around the house and all of us…his new Humans. We all agreed pretty quickly that he was not a “Duke”. So we all started brainstorming names. Fergus, Buddy, Griffin….. We decided he looked like a Griffin.

The next morning we headed back to NY with our little bundle of fur. Only to discover…He does not like car rides. ugh. Poor little guy was snatched from the only home he knew. put in a car for 3 hours and then again for 3 hours to NY. When we arrived home, he was not happy. He was not ready for the next hurtle. Meeting Liam. Our other dog of 5 years. Liam was very curious about the puppy. Griffin who had been pretty much silent since we got him, decided to express himself and bark at Liam. He excerted himself saying “I will not be pushed around big boy!”. LOL

Even though ther was a rough start, they are the best of buddies. They dont want to be apart. Griffin has a piece of our heart. We cant imagine life with out him.

He is not the sweet docile puppy we were expecting. But his personality is perfect! funny, loving, moody at times, and loves to play.


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